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Al Hareem 215.00 
Al Hareem is an oriental floral fragrance for women. Top Note: Citrus, Vanilla. Heart Note: Jasmine, Rose, Range blossom, fruity accord. Base Note: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Musk, Vanilla.
Oud Khas 200.00 €
Oud Khas Spray fragrance has been created using the most expensive Cambodian Oud. It has strong top notes which permeate into skin and become deeper as day goes on. The perfume comes in a spray bottle and can be worn by both men and women.
Ward Yas Rose 399.00 
Ward Yas is composed exclusively of Taif rose petals. Taif rose is an Arabic Rose, named after Saudi Arabia Taif valley where it grows. Known for its magnificent deep & intense fragrance.
Yas Al Malaki 269.00 
A Royal alluring fragrance inspired by the exclusive and unique ingredient Oud, that is created specifically to match the indigenous taste of fine Dahn Al Oud connoisseurs. Yas Al Malaki has a Dark juice, enigmatic, charismatic and moody. Yas Al Malaki reveals a strong and dark Oud note filled with a mysterious smoky note with […]
Zayed 240.00 €
This Arabic perfume is an exquisite blend of agarwood, rose, Jasmine and Musk and the final whiff is a strong, beady and long lasting scent. It’s a smell that you won’t forget soon. It comes in a spray bottle and can used by both men and women.
Yasi 290.00 
YASI is an Oriental perfume; it’s a magnificent aroma blend that creates a novel effect. The personality of a fragrance is determined by its basic accord. For instance, the accord between Amber and Musk notes with touch of fresh Lemon and Mandarin in the top; Sandalwood heart gives YASI a preference for perfume lovers. Top: […]