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AL MAHA 290.00 
An Oriental elegant woody scent, depicts the exotic mystery of the orient with its warm spicy woody notes. Ideal for men and women interested in even smallest details of style. The top note Bergamot and Pink Pepper combines with Patchouli and Geranium in the middle. The end note carries an intense woody scent which is sharp and enriched with Amber.
AL Nisa 130.00 
Dedicated to women but may be worn by men as well, especially these who love fruity and vanilla based scents. Peach and apricot define this scent, opening and crowning it. Just like freshly picked fruits and mousse that it’s created of it. Sour, green apple and pear added to this juice only as a background.
Jazzab 199.00 
Jazzab – in Arabic Jazzab means attractive. And indeed this oriental fragrance with floral notes is very attractive. Rich, sensual, mesmerizing, it makes you feel free and energetic. It opens with fresh notes of Mandarin leaves and Mulberry flowers; Night Queen flower to follow with the richness of the Bulgarian rose and Orange flower, to […]
Musk Rose 130.00 
An ode to rose. It is not typical interpretation of the theme. The queen of flowers reveals metallic face. A little unripe flower sprinkled with freshness and spiciness reminds of freshly cut ginger slices.
Rajul 130.00 
Fruity and dry at same time. Rajul welcomes an aroma of sweet pineapple, refreshing lemon and chord reminds of sour currant. The opening leads to really royal heart.
Rose 130.00 
Rose and is it all? No, cause this is a note that may be presented in many ways. There are a lot of varieties but most recognisable and valued are bulgarian and damask rose.