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Sense Dubai 7  130
On the border of sweetness. Orange and grapefruit combined with herbal geranium bring a little cologne aroma. Pink pepper vibrates, sounding in a fruity way covered with vetiver. Once more a drop of cedarwood essence and note resembling of sharpened pencil – and here we are – classic interpretation of the theme.
Sense Dubai 8  130
A totally creamy scent. The pulp made of fruits and flowers on a vanilla base. Orange citruses like pink grapefruit, tangerine and orange mixed with sour black currant and grape-alike lychee.
Sense Dubai 9  130
The aroma of patchouli. Hidden and covered with many aromatic notes. Patchouli reigns here. Starting from peppery opening with citrus nuances then it fast comes to the heart of the scent.
Sense Dubai 10  130
The power of the gold. The metallicity of the scent hits from the opening. Anise, liquorice and caraway sprinkled with a green mint result in a little medicinal undertone. Menthol root of a cinnamon and ginger keep specificity.
Sense Dubai 11  130
Space created by ozone. Thick, but refreshing. Filled with fresh mint, metallic cloves and liquid galbanum. It's green-silver. A little soapy but expressively flowery at the same time. Flowers are raw (unripe) and carry on the freshness. Powderness of iris, sweetness of rose and narcotic jasmine surprise. These sparking notes calm down over time. Settle on vanilla-almond cloud touched by oud resin, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and paradoxically it all works perfectly together. It is a game You want to be a part of, isn't it? Top notes: galbanum, ozone, mint, cloves Heart notes: rose, jasmine, iris, salvia Base notes: tonka beans, vanilla, cider wood, sandal wood, patchouli, our, musk
AL Nisa  130
Dedicated to women but may be worn by men as well, especially these who love fruity and vanilla based scents. Peach and apricot define this scent, opening and crowning it. Just like freshly picked fruits and mousse that it's created of it. Sour, green apple and pear added to this juice only as a background.