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Piedra 220 
A modern take on the cologne theme in a unisex style. Does cologne mean for men? Of course not. It is rather about the sort of refreshing notes. From the one side classic notes of lavender, geranium and sage, typically herbal and rough. From the other creamy tonka beans and pure, white musk.
Rawdha 235 
Fruits, tropical, covered with flowery syrup. Sweet kiwi, strawberry and passionfruit with soapy lily of the valley create a sparking mixture. Roses release their juices.
SO Yas 295 
When it appears nothing else exists. Warm opening of cinnamon. A little spicy thanks to ginger. This dust is like a sandstorm. It glides forward.
Ward Yas Rose 399 
The rosiest of roses. Based on a powerful dose of Taif rose oil, one of the most valued types of this flower. Perfectly works with male and female skin. So beautiful that almost unreal. This is the world of dreams, to which the road leads through the door of Yas Rose.
Yas Al Malaki 269 
Dark oud. Slightly alcoholic. Noticeable cognac-plum nuances. A very controversial aroma. Oud delivers devilish connotations.
Yasi 290 
Yasi captivates with the naturalness of citrus. The smell of pulp and peels of mandarines and lemons creates a feeling of total relaxation. It is on the verge of refreshment and sweetness. When the Sun is on the horizon and the day passes into the night.