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Sense Dubai 12  130
The anise-citrusy opening is just a prelude to the main aria. Red, passionate, almost sultry game between rose and jasmine. Jasmine in its dry version pushes forward, intoxicating.
Summer. Endless desert under blue, cloudless sky. The need of refreshing above everything. The oasis appears in the distance and it is the place where Summer soothes.
AL Nisa  130
Dedicated to women but may be worn by men as well, especially these who love fruity and vanilla based scents. Peach and apricot define this scent, opening and crowning it. Just like freshly picked fruits and mousse that it’s created of it. Sour, green apple and pear added to this juice only as a background.
Rajul  130
Fruity and dry at same time. Rajul welcomes an aroma of sweet pineapple, refreshing lemon and chord reminds of sour currant. The opening leads to really royal heart.
Rose  130
Rose and is it all? No, cause this is a note that may be presented in many ways. There are a lot of varieties but most recognisable and valued are bulgarian and damask rose.