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Huboob Yas 245.00 €
Huboob Yas is an oriental floral fragrance. Top Note: Bergamot, Tangerine. Heart Note: Jasmine, Rose, Range blossom, fruity accord. Base Note: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk, Vanilla.
Nada Yas 295.00 
Nada Yas captures the blend scents of Bargamot and Ylang Fresh accord. Defined by a layer of alluring blend of flowers that opens with Jasmine, Rose and ends with Musk and Amber to enhance an extreme blend, where flowers meet wood.
Zayed 240.00 €
This Arabic perfume is an exquisite blend of agarwood, rose, Jasmine and Musk and the final whiff is a strong, beady and long lasting scent. It’s a smell that you won’t forget soon. It comes in a spray bottle and can used by both men and women.
SO Yas 295.00 
“SO YAS is a magnificent aromatic blend. Base note: Oriental Oudh. Heartnote: Cedarwood, Sandalwood. Top note: Ginger. ”
Hamasat 320.00 
Hamasat is an intensive and flamboyant perfume of red spices combined with warm woody tones and powdery floral aromas. This sophisticated fragrance exudes all the charms of Agar wood, with additional notes of Saffron, Chili, Roses, Cashmere, Rose powder, Rubber sap, Vinyl accord, Sandalwood, Cedar, Milk and Red Musk.
Rawdha 235.00 
With Rawdha you will revel in the interplay of Italian Bergamot, Madagascar Mandarin, Lily of the valley, the joy of Jasmine, and a fruit basket comprising kiwi, strawberry, passion fruit and more. The delight is prolonged by woody undertones of Sandal and Oud making up the maturing middle note. Musk and Amber join this ethereal […]