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Sense Dubai 2  130
Lily of the valley melting on slices of pineapple. Soapy odour hits into the juicy sweetness of fruits. The almond-cherry aroma tries to tip the scales to the fruity side. Lime and apple are going to help in this turn.
Sense Dubai 3  130
Floral oriental referring to the classic perfumery art. Orange blossom covered with galbanum create together a narcotic mixture. Pepper and nutmeg introduce delicate although the Middle Eastern atmosphere.
Sense Dubai 4  130
Heavy and bright. It‘s an oudish-powdery game, appealing and voluptuous. Almonds sprinkled with sweet sandalwood open the whole composition with a white blast and a hint of juniper berries.
Sense Dubai 5  130
he softness in a unique style. A flower of an almond tree and watery lotus create a spatial aura, which is saturated with white musk. Here everything is calm and almost ascetic.
Sense Dubai 6  130
Total opposites. A fruity opening is just an accompaniment leading to the heart. Pineapple, lychee and lemon chord suddenly is covered with The Middle Eastern classic: rose, oud and patchouli. Who is looking for this style in the pure form will find it here.
Sense Dubai 7  130
On the border of sweetness. Orange and grapefruit combined with herbal geranium bring a little cologne aroma. Pink pepper vibrates, sounding in a fruity way covered with vetiver. Once more a drop of cedarwood essence and note resembling of sharpened pencil – and here we are – classic interpretation of the theme.