Sense Dubai is not only a new online perfumery store but also a new place which elevates fragrance to the level of art. A perfume store attracting customers with sensual atmosphere, elegance and refined display of the most wonderful fragrances from the world of the Middle East.

This is the only perfumery in Europe, where one can test the desired and famous fragrances by The Royal Name of Perfumes – the royal perfume manufacture YAS in the United Arab Emirates. Sense Dubai has everything that is related to the unique tradition of fragrance making using ancient recipes but with the aid of cutting-edge technology.

The creator of this exceptional place is Nina Kowalewska-Motlik. She has always been fascinated with the world of fragrances. Already as a child she used to admire them during her long holidays in Odessa. Since then, she has constantly perfected her sense of smell, traveling across the most remote parts of the world. She tried to memorize the cool aromas of Japan and the hot, stifling atmosphere of African spice markets. For years she had been passionate about the truly metropolitan perfume of New York until she finally fell in love with the royal fragrances of Middle East. She was so enchanted by the extraordinary scent of Dubai that she decided to pursue her dreams and passions, opening the Sense Dubai.

Let yourself be seduced by original, luxurious perfumes and fragrances straight from One Thousand and One Nights…