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AL MAHA 290.00 
An Oriental elegant woody scent, depict the exotic mystery of the orient with its warm spicy woody notes, for men and women interested in even smallest details of style. A top note Bergamot and Pink Pepper comes with Patchouli and Geranium in the middle. An end note carries an intense woody scent which is sharp and enriched with Amber scent.
Jazzab 199.00 
Jazzab – in Arabic Jazzab means attractive. And indeed this oriental fragrance with floral notes is very attractive. Rich, sensual, mesmerizing, it makes you feel free and energetic. It opens with fresh notes of Mandarin leaves and Mulberry flowers; Night Queen flower to follow with the richness of the Bulgarian rose and Orange flower, to […]
Perfume balm Amaken 38.00 
Amaken brings to mind the warmth of the desert, bathed in the sun. The top note of this composition is honey and sweet amber, mixed with the subtle notes of bergamot. The composition is combined with ginger and patchouli which heat up the body and the senses.
Perfume balm Aoud 38.00 
Aoud is a mixture of accords ringing the magic of the Orient. Oud, the most desired and exclusive component of the perfumery tradition of the Middle East, is the dominating accent and clearly dominates the fragrance. The composition is perfected by a bouquet of sensual roses with a bit of jasmine.
Fedetick. The unique composition of agar wood notes combined with the delicate sweetness of almonds and amber. The mixture is enriched by the fruity accord of plum and white musk.
Perfume balm French 38.00 
French. The ideal proposal for those who like fruity-flowery compositions. The juicy accord of apples, kiwi and litchi combine with the oriental accent of sandal wood. The bouquet closes with lily of the valley, which gives freshness to the composition.