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Abu Khalifa 127 
3 ml perfume in form of oil.
Al Gharam 250 
Orient so pleasant that it's indecent. The citrus-flowery opening draws with tangerine aroma combined together with lilac flower.
Al Hareem 215 
Smooth citrus-musky scent. The literal bergamot chord mixed with a basket of other citruses lights up everything.
AL MAHA 290 
Fruity start in a totally middle eastern style. Bergamot in the company of pink pepper is sour and refreshing. An amazingly unconventional take on the theme.
Collection 41 
3 ml perfume oil
Hamasat 320 
Suprise. A futuristic picture of the Middle East. The combination of tradition and technology. It opens with a citrus chord but after a while, a cacophony of notes comes in and it sounds great. Saffron, oud and rose from one side with the opposite to powdery and milky notes.