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Zayed  290
Dokhon is intrinsically linked to the Arab culture. While you use our perfumes for yourself, our Dokhon spreads the sweet fragrance all around your home. An exquisite blend of Agarwood, Rose ,Jasmine and Musk and the final whiff is a strong, beady and long lasting scent.
Anfas Mahaba  220
Mahaba is a rich, engaging and dreamy composition, picturing the emotions of those who love. Its notes convey sweetness and innocence, but also the strength and determination of those who want to fulfill their dreams.
Anfas Rahaba  220
Rahaba is an olfactory portrait describing the friendliness, the joy to host, the pleasure of hospitality and of sharing. The fullness of who – with the same open-mindedness – crosses the threshold of another person’s life, enriching her own existence forever.
Anfas Sa’Adah  220
Sa’Adah is the scent of happiness. A vibrant, yet soft composition born from the desire to tell the nose what the eyes see: a smile. This fragrance is also a wish for someone you love, because wearing it means capturing all the positive energy and projecting oneself towards a bright future.
Anfas Salam  220
Salam is a fragrance that describes that moment when two people instantly recognize each other at first sight. The vibrant energy of the first moments is followed by calmness, by profound peace, and by the quiet joy of two souls that have found one another.
Anfas Samaha  220
Samaha is a flower bouquet that smells of freshly cut flowers. The fragrance unveils a delicate and graceful character that speaks of kindness, of selflessness and of this dignified emotion that one feels when anxiously waiting to meet someone.