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A unique rendition of the flavor of Musk, Ajmal Purely Orient 鈥 Musc is masked in the pride possessions of nature; namely Amber and Oudh. With spicy woody hints of Ginger and Cedarwood that add sparkle to the sensual and animalic, this is a sophisticated rendering designed to illuminate your aura.
Patchouli is at the heart of the 'Chypr茅' family of fragrances 鈥 warm and mossy-woody. Ajmal Purely Orient 鈥 Patchouli is distinctively sophisticated and refined; with Bergamot and Cardamom-inspired fresh spicy notes as an opening, laced with Patchouli, Cedarwood and Oudh that add charisma to your alluring charm.
A swirl of magic meets an aura of mystery. A hint of intrigue casts a spell to entice. Ajmal Purely Orient 鈥 Saffron resonates with a heady, fruity, spicy accord. And once worn, its Rose Amber and Oudh tones add that touch of enigmatic effervescence beyond compare.
Think rich, creamy, milky wood accords. Think of a deep aroma that is pristine, clean and pure. Ajmal Purely Orient 鈥 Santal is an exhilarating ode to the charm of Sandalwood. At once sweet, at once mellow, this exudes a deep, woody richness like no other.
The exotica of Tonka Beans come with multi varied aromas. It is imbued with a rich, flowery smoke sans pareil. Ajmal Purely Orient 鈥 Tonka is an aromatic spicy accord, designed with the brilliance of Tonka 鈥 an awe-inspiring fragrance filled with many inspiring notes.
Vetiver imbues an earthy woodiness that has endured from ancient times. Sublimely masculine, it is a scent that is crafted for the true aficionado. Ajmal Purely Orient 鈥 Vetiver is enveloped with seductively surreal woody surrounds, beautifully ensconced in the glory of Oudh.