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Anfas Sakan  285
I turn to you and my heart is fond of nostalgia, when I see you, a tape of memories begins to narrate those precious moments. When I look around me, I see different sides of you.
Anfas Watan  285
Every threshold I reach in the middle of the desert I consolidate my moments with you, and with every trace remains a story and history I tell you about, a story written in gold water, and a history that cannot be removed from memory because of its impact.
Gate Duet  225
DUET is a woody spicy perfume that refreshes your senses by a clean nutmeg scent, and a rich blend of musk and absolute vanilla. It complements the power of being close to devoted duets and presents tenderness in every sense of the word. Love is the power of being tender.
Gate First Sight  225
FIRST SIGHT is a woody floral perfume that celebrates a cocktail of citrus flowers, and warm musky base notes. It is created for brave people who refuse math equations when love comes by first sight Love is a reflection of courage.
Gate Inside Out  225
INSIDE OUT is an oriental perfume that stunts your reality with waves of exotic iced mandarin and passion fruit. The base of the vanilla ice cream note is a bold touch conquers your emotions and turns your hidden secrets inside out. Love is true honesty and audacity.
IVORY TEMPTATION a scent that evokes feelings of love and desire with a fruity accord of narcotic nectarine, sweet mandarin, fleshy white peach and cardamom. The heart notes open mysterious world of devotion with spicy cinnamon, warm clove, aromatic rose and a vibrant touch of ylang-ylang. The fragrance leaves a remarkable blend of creamy sandal and cedar woods, cashmere musk and passion patchouli.