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Rose. The scent opens with an exploding scent of cherries which give way to the queen of this composition, the Rose. The tempting ending shows the sensual peony which makes this scent poetry of flowers.
A magical composition of Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, combined with delicate bergamote. The composition is enriched with a delicate scent of white musk.
Abu Khalifa  127
3 ml perfume in form of oil.
Al Gharam  220
Orient so pleasant that it’s indecent. The citrus-flowery opening draws with tangerine aroma combined together with lilac flower.
Al Hareem  220
Smooth citrus-musky scent. The literal bergamot chord mixed with a basket of other citruses lights up everything.
AL MAHA  290
Fruity start in a totally middle eastern style. Bergamot in the company of pink pepper is sour and refreshing. An amazingly unconventional take on the theme.