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Musk Rose 130.00 
An ode to rose. It is not typical interpretation of the theme. The queen of flowers reveals metallic face. A little unripe flower sprinkled with freshness and spiciness reminds of freshly cut ginger slices.
Musk Yas 320.00 
The musky kingdom spreads its borders very broadly. Everything brightens with gold and opulence. White musk covers every single note. Delicate citrus nuance revealing at the beginning suddenly transforms into jasmine and rose. It is all bathed in title note.
Nada Yas 295.00 
A fruity blast introduces to the world of the Orient. The orange colour perfectly reflects what is inside. An unforgettable bouquet, full of momentum.
Oud Khas 4.00 
The glorification of oud. So thick and potent that almost unimaginable. Based on a mix of famous Cambodian oud and Dehn oud.
Oud Yas 8.00 
The sweetness of oud. It starts with fresh verbena, rosemary and bergamot. It is only an accent. Then oud starts to play its main role. It is not alone, it's accompanied by sandalwood and patchouli.
Piedra 220.00 
A modern take on the cologne theme in a unisex style. Does cologne mean for men? Of course not. It is rather about the sort of refreshing notes. From the one side classic notes of lavender, geranium and sage, typically herbal and rough. From the other creamy tonka beans and pure, white musk.