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Perfume balm Rose 38.00 
Rose. The scent opens with an exploding scent of cherries which give way to the queen of this composition, the Rose. The tempting ending shows the sensual peony which makes this scent poetry of flowers.
Abu Khalifa 127.00 
3 ml perfume in form of oil.
Collection 41.00 
3 ml perfume oil
Kholoud 42.00 
3 ml perfume in form of oil.
One is a strong personality. The bittersweet scent with a character. Strong leather notes, vetiver, labdanum, juniper, clary sage and oak moss makes this composition a perfect choice for people with style and character
Two is dominated by fruity-floral notes, which describe its character. It opens with light and fresh lime, lily of the valley and fruit to later give way to flowers and traditional woody notes with musk and amber.